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in the nondual tradition

geoffroy tremblay private or group session
in french and english
online or in person
let's chat 250.505.0389

Every Tuesday 16utc you can listen to my radio show on anonradio.net.

Bodywork treatment

Blend of Thai-Massage with hot stones massage, oils and sound healing. Contact me for more information.
Plan 2 to 3 hours for a session.
Tantra is an ancient science dealing with many different systems for increasing the speed of human evolution.
Swami Satyananda Saraswati

encounters on the path

a short list of people who inspired me on my path.

sifu lian yee

martial art has been part of my life for a long time. sifu lian yee taugh me the foundation of tai chi and kung fu. I've also learned chi kung in his montreal school.

joan ruvinsky

Joan Ruvinsky

joan initiated me in the way of yoga. she had so much influence in my path. i'm gratful to had the chance to be on her path.

kam thai chow

Kam Thye Chow

kam has been my thai-massage teacher and so much more. he had developped a special tai-chi technique and I spent many years working with him.

lian tzi

Lian Tzi

my encouter with the true buddha school was powerful and almost scary at time. the tantric practice there are very powerful and master ti moo has been such an influence in my path.


Swami Radhananda

radhanada and the whole yasodhara ashram has been a transformative experience. i spent many years of my life living at the ashram and defining who i wanted to be. swami radha started the ashram 60 years ago, her guru was sivanada.

dunkin grady and jenn

dunkin and jenn are helping me discover the teaching from the black foot, native from the land I live on at the moment, and so much more.

kathleen knipp

Kathleen Knipp

i have the chance to continue my training in the non-dual tradition that i started with joan with her partner kathleen. it has been a beautiful adventure to work with kathleen as well as participating in many of her training. pathless yoga

many more people helped me along my path and had significant influence on where I am now. i honour them all even if I don't write about them here. i had the chance to meet with daniel odier, eric baret, as well as teacher from the mantak chia lineage and so many more teachers from buddhist, yogic and sufi tradition

weekly gathering

tuesday 7pm tara shanti, on riondel road in kootenay bay


i dont participate in any social network, but you can keep in touch by email, or visiting my creative site gef.ink or learn more about my online radio show at damaru.sdf.org. i also write monthly in the eastshore mainstreet mainstreet.eshore.ca

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